“Is it Done Yet?” - Defining Production Readiness with Internal Developer Portals

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While we know software projects are never truly “done,” developers will, nevertheless, often face a long list of tasks needed to achieve a certain level of “doneness.” But to what end? And when do they end? When is done—done enough?

In this fireside chat-style webinar, Justin Reock - Head of DevRel for Cortex - alongside Alina Anderson - Principal Technical Program Manager at Outreach - will explore an evolved approach to determining production readiness.

You’ll learn:

  • What metrics we should rely on to determine the readiness of software for production
  • How we gather those metrics and make them actionable in the best way
  • How we know these efforts have improved customer and developer experience
  • And how internal developer portals are being used to gather and assess readiness indicators in real time, allowing teams to predict release behavior more accurately.

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About the speakers

Justin Reock is the Head of Developer Relations for, and is an outspoken speaker, writer, and software practice evangelist. He has over 20 years of experience working in various software roles. He is an outspoken thought leader, delivering enterprise solutions, technical leadership, various publications and most recently, community education on developer productivity.

Justin Reock

Head of Developer Relations, Cortex

Alina Anderson

Principal Technical Program Manager, Outreach