Best Practices for Measuring and Growing Developer Productivity

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About this webinar

Knowing how productive your development team is is essential to planning your software delivery timeline and releasing high-quality software to the end-user. However, there exist several misconceptions about what developer productivity is and how it can be increased. Developer productivity is not a single metric you can measure, like the number of pull requests each developer in the team is making in a given development time. Instead, it comprises a variety of interconnected aspects that can be measured by different metrics and improved over time.

We'll discuss:

  • What developer productivity is and why it’s so critical to measure it.
  • Qualitative and quantitative approaches and frameworks for measuring.
  • Common challenges with measuring and growing productivity.
  • How Cortex helps drive sustainable developer productivity growth.
  • Q&A

Ganesh Datta

CTO, Cortex Co-Founder

Anish Dhar

CEO, Cortex Co-Founder

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